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Uusi palvelu on avattu...
näillä sivuilla tarjotaan erilaisia palveluita joilla tienaa ilmaiseksi internetissä, myöskin erilaisia apuvälineitä

GetPaid4:ssa ongelmia...pitäisi korjaantua, ohessa teksti joka tuli kyseisestä yhtiöstä:

Dear Valued GetPaid4 Member,

As most of you already know, many users have been experiencing
difficulties logging into the GetPaid4 Bar. Please do not be alarmed,
this is simply because we are in the process of upgrading our system.
Upgrades may take up to  several more days, but we will  notify you as
soon as you will be able to log into the GetPaid4 Bar again.

We realize that during our system upgrade, many members feel
inconvenienced and upset because they can not earn money during this
time.  Because of this, we are working hard to bring several new
services to our members of the next few days.

We are extremely excited to announce this first new service so that you
can earn MORE CASH for doing something you already do anyway!  If you
own a wireless phone or text messaging based pager to communicate... you
can actually get paid for it!!!!

The AdBroadcast Service is a revolutionary way for you to benefit from
using your wireless phone or pager.  It is your own personal, portable
advertisement window that displays messages on your wireless phone or
pager. This service enables you to review ads directly from your
wireless device. For each ad you view, AdBroadcast will pay you a
percentage of any advertising revenues from that particular ad.

Enrollment is free and the AdBroadcast Service will immediately deliver
these advertisements directly to your wireless phone or text messaging
based pager!
Become a member and start earning money now!!
For more information please visit out website at

For your convenience you do not even need to re-register - your current
GetPaid4 account just needs to be modified, please visit:
<>  to enhance your account for
our great new service!

AdBroadcast and GetPaid4 team.